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What are we doing at CES 2023?

1. Connect with Investors. Especially investors who specialize in mental health/fitness, vitality and stress-relief. We are looking for an A-round between USD 10 - USD 20 mln to swiftly roll-out our business in the EU, USA and UK.

2. Publicity through international media aiming at the following audiences: vitality/HR managers of corporates that want to improve mental fitness of their employees, owners and managers of enterprises that offer health services to their customers: spas, gyms, tanning salons, therapists, hotels, yoga studios, and investors.

Secundairy audiences: end-users (people with stress-related issues and people who seek the ultimate relaxation).

3. Connect with strategic partners. Distributors and potential manufacturers in the US and EU that want to be part of scaling up our business.

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