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How it works

Deep meditation produces an experience of restful alertness, which is associated with higher metabolic activity in the frontal and parietal parts of the brain, indicating alertness, along with decreased metabolic activity in the thalamus, which is involved in regulating arousal, and hyperactivity. A 20 minute treatment in the AYAVAYA cabin will reset your mind completely and recharge you with focus, energy and balance. We have a fully automated technology using healing power of water. The technology assures the perfect temperature, flow, oscilation and custom fit of a water massage that stimulates the pituitary (behind the forehead and the 'Third Eye').  Hormones that cause deep relaxation and an improved neuroplasticity will eventually make you stress resilient.

                               CLEAN, SAFE, EASY

Guaranteed Sterility, Guaranteed Safety by our advanced hygiene system and our damage-proof design. No efforts required by the user which makes AYAVAYA the  easiest way to rid your stress.

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