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We aim to build instruments that are 100% effective. This takes a lot of effort and money. We work with the most renowned technicians to constantly improve our technology:
Flex Design from The Netherlands and Voxdale from Belgium.


Flex Design and Voxdale work together to develop unique aspects of our AYAVAYA cabin:

- analogue technology: a sophisticated system that delivers the 3 fully automated therapies;

- digital technology: we have developed our proprietary algorythms to automatically calculate the end-users' head shape and ensures the right positioning of the system for each individual who uses the cabin. Sound and light therapy are fully automated and can be adjusted to the user's preferences.

We also use the advanced technology developed by Kenkou GMBH and Setmore to create a unique app that guides our users through the best treatments.

- design: ergonomy, safety and comfort are guaranteed by our quest to have the perfect balance in design of our tools.


We have developed patented technology to bring people in a deep meditative state which in turn completely eliminates stress. We have taken this technology from a proof of concept to a first prototype which we tested to optimize our technology. Now it is time to clinically test this prototype with TNO, an independent and acknowledged scientific research institute. The results of this test must confirm the effect of our technology. The next step is another clinical test with TNO that will help us optimize our technology. This will be followed by a market test of our Beta-version to learn from end-users and potential customers what we can further improve to ensure succes in the market place. After these tests we will prepare for production and launch of our 1.0 version. Once we have launhed our cabin and app we will further develop our technology into a 2.0 version that should be the next level in instrumental stress reduction.

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